Add to Ezra Pound’s list of Don’ts (342) as they apply to a beginning writer.


24. Do not disregard proper grammar and punctuation, as it lowers your reputation, use of grammar is the essential foundations of literature

25. Do use personal stories and reflections to shape your own creative writing and morals, each person’s life is a journey, your story as unique as it is, is also engaging and will provide your writing with a soul

26. Do not attack another writers perspective and views, each persons view is the body and souls prayer written onto paper, all words and sentences have power

27. Thou shalt not use verbose writing as to convolute the work, the jamming of a sentence will disengage your reader, simplicities are a necessity

28. Thou shalt write with passion and strength of a true writer, for without passion is your creative truly creative?


2 thoughts on “03/10

  1. Number 27 really stood out to me. I wholeheartedly agree that verbosity and ornateness don’t equal intelligence, worth or quality, so I’m really glad you mentioned that! I also think using your own life and experiences is integral to good writing. It really reflects that famous quote “write what you know”. However, I disagree with 24 and 26. Grammar is a construct that can be challenged really well through writing. I don’t think it’s the essential foundation for literature at all. In regards to 26, I’ve seen a lot of sexist and racist writing. I think as an artist, it’s important to use your power to challenge such views and create a progressive shift in culture.


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