Summative Entry (American Literature)

“American Literature helps me to expand the boundaries of my own experience.”

My experience with American Literature has been broadened greatly as a direct result of this course. On an analytical and creative scale, I as a literature student have felt a much more reinforced view of writings by American authors and composers. From the perspective of my own analytical writing, American composers have provided me a much more elucidated insight towards varied writing styles and contexts. This was effectively present in particular, in my reading and analysis towards the writing style of Mark Twain throughout his almost transcendental and sublime representation of “Huck’s” connection to the landscape alongside also the commentary of the values of racial equality in a post civil-war context, was truly influential towards my understanding of Twain’s agenda and allowed me to further follow his work closely. Likewise, Robert Frost has had a similar effect on my analytical frame of mind. Having to closely read and understand his works in particular the poem “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” whilst also taking into account and incorporating into the analysis his quote from “The Figure a Poem Makes” to further understand the intentions behind his writing and what has made this particular poem successfully appealing in an imaginary manner a a result of its composure and structure. This insight and view has allowed me an enhanced understanding of the writing style of American composers during their respective contexts and the unique ways they may attempt to communicate through their writing towards their audienceMoreso, American literature has also allowed me to think, in a creative sense more alike to the famous composers of the nation. Present in my creative representation of Walt Whitman’s poem, to truly understand the meaning behind the composers writing, one must delve themselves into the mind and thoughts of the writer. Using what I had learned from Whitman’s writing style, I had attempted to emulate his writing style into my own creative piece and as such the result was the remodelling of his creative insight alongside my written interpretation to create something new. Another similar act is present in my attempt to take the personality of a character from William Faulkner’s work and utilise that into a unique creative piece. Manipulating his character of Darl from “As I Lay Dying”, I created a unique character mimicking the views of the character in particular the selfish and introspective nature of the character whilst demonstrating this through the completely new character of the “Zookeeper in Thailand” which effectively allowed me a plethora of insight and information to help mould and build my own character. Hence, through my developed emulation of the writing style of the above composers as well as the inspiration they have provided me, have greatly allowed me to grasp a much more in-depth understanding of the multiple writing styles which conform to the genre of American literature. Thus, on a creative and analytical level, American composers have undeniably allowed me to tap into a variation of writing styles which have greatly benefitted my own.