Week 6 Blog

1/ Charles Harpur’s love sonnets to Rosa are a model for all love sonnets. Using the style and structure of a Harpur sonnnet, write a love sonnet to your own beloved! Can you create images as fiery as his!


My Dear Beloved,

Lest my love be foiled in some cruel fate.

My heart burns its brightest when drawn on the thought of you

Lest my heartbeat fall into dire straits 

Know surely with the setting sun my nights are sleepless with your image

To see a glimpse of your eyes again, to glimpse upon the wicked smile

Would thrill me more than burning of Apollo upon a divided range 

And until I hold you, unless you accompany me down a floral aisle

My feelings for you, the winds of time will never be able to change

To hold you, once, twice, forever or even for a while.