Art Gallery Blog Post

Give a short description of one of the Australian paintings currently hanging in the Art Gallery of NSW and explore the ways in which it illuminates at least one literary theme and/or method explored in Australian Literature studied this semester.



“Natives on the River Ouse”, John Glover


The above canvas is an effective display of the inextricable relationships of the indigenous people towards the landscape. The artist has effectively attempted to allow the audience to meditate upon the spiritual bonds of the Native Australian’s to the environment. Effectively present through the anonymous depictions of the Indigenous’ everyday life within the natural world is one example of the artists effective reflection on the simplistic bliss discovered in the natural world which the Native communities have become accustomed to. His depiction of Native people in the background, with anonymous, silhouetted features amidst a widely vast plain in the foreground is a representation of the Indigenous peoples favouring over the environment as a significant influence over their cultural life and sole provider of their necessities. The artist has hence created a more raw experience which is completely alien from the industrial urbanisation undertaken in European and ergonomic Australian society and hence encourages his audience to bask in the sublimity of the untamed natural world as the Indigenous communities do.