Australian Literature: Summative Entry

Australian Literature helps me to expand the boundaries of my own experience.

Australian Literature has undeniably broadened my view and perspective of both the Australian environment and its people. When analysing the works of authors whom discuss the beauty of Australia, I never truly thought myself capable of empathising towards their writing. However, having to directly annotate and discuss the writings of authors such as John Shaw Neilson have both challenged and enticed me in my analysis to look into the mind of my own inner child to view a fresh and sublime understanding of the world around me. Much more similarly through my reflection of artworks within the NSW Art Gallery, I was again challenged by my writing on my interpretation of the work “Natives on the River Ouse” by John Glover to observe the natural beauty of the landscape whilst being forced as a literature student to step out of my comfort zone and observe visual technique and artistic styles in order to truly immerse myself within the meaning of the artwork and obtain a grander picture of its significance towards its audiences. Overall, on the scale of analysis and critical thought these insights have provided me with a view of the Australian landscape which has become extremely enriched and undeniably broadened as a direct result of my further exposure to Australian writing and artwork. 

With that said, I feel it also Necessary to discuss the influence of Australian Literature on my own creative process. I personally enjoy describing vividly the raw landscape and grand plains of varied harshness  lusciousness the environment has to offer, with Australia being no exception. I feel like this is present in my creative writing when submerging myself in the natural landscape and placing not only my persona but also as a direct result of forms of imagery, my reader as well. As well as the natural environment, my writing on the perspectives of other people has been severely influenced. Having read the writing and works of Authors especially in particular of Indigenous descent, I feel I am able to personally sympathise with their situation within their historical context during the time post colonialism during the policies of Assimilation and Isolation and can to the best of my ability, attempt to draw out the raw emotions and style of the writer in order to amplify their own voice and allow readers to understand their works further. Therefore through reading the creative works of Australian writers and having to mimic them in my own works, I feel as though my experience towards the Australian land and its people has been immensely broadened

Thus, my perspective towards the land and people of Australia as presented through its art and literature has expanded and greatly benefitted my own creative and analytical thoughts towards the writing style of various Australian authors and composers.